1. angrytibetangirl:

    Submission by Another Angry Tibetan Girl:
    Hello Angry Tibetan Girl,

    This message is in regards to your recent post on the travesty that was the recent Dorje Shugden/Dalai Lama incident. I’d like to point out that I am not a particularly religious person to begin with (that’s a…

    well said angrytibetangirl.


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    awww sad face :( . NOT!

    Beijing displeased about Spanish court’s arrest orders for former Chinese leaders over Tibet

    BEIJING — China expressed its strong displeasure Wednesday over a Spanish…


  3. fuckyeahtibet:

    It is incredible the pace with which this online petition has been moving. I don’t know why I did not post this here sooner. But please, if you haven’t signed this Avaaz petition already, please take a second to do so. Avaaz is the largest online advocacy group and we are both extremely grateful and excited that they joined in on the good fight. We’re hoping to hit 1,000,000 signatures. 1,000,000 people who want China to know we’re not cool with their sick human rights record, which makes them the last government we want on the UN Human Rights Council. 

  4. G20: Stand up for Tibet

  5. sftuk:

    See Woeser in her recent article 

    “Our Lhasa is on the Verge of Destruction! Please, Save Lhasa!”


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  6. just found a new rendition of one of my fave tibetan songs!

    tarkalag | tenpa wangmo


  7. such a beautiful human being, gone at the hand of the chinese communist regime. can’t handle it…

  8. in yo face china, although could have done without the ‘within china’ part at the end. can’t blame him though, it’s what the tibetan government is pushing for, so bravo nonetheless.

  9. mollierodriguez:

    Alone, Exhausted and Waiting: Darkness into Beauty © Rigdol 


  11. looking forward to this: www.OttawaTibetFilmFestival.com


  12. Capturing the Accelerating Change in Tibet

    The Dutch photographer Marieke ten Wolde has made frequent trips to Tibet, in search not of vistas and costumes but of a society that is changing so fast she has had to consult her diary to remember if she had been there or not: Beijing has flooded the country with checkpoints and paramilitary police, while Communist Party leaders introduced a “monastic management” plan to exert more direct control over religious life. The measures included sending 21,000 officials to create dossiers on monks, who would then be either rewarded for cooperating or expelled from their monasteries if they did not. In some cases, they were urged to renounce the Dalai Lama.


  13. dongdey:

    This poem is to help sum up some of my feelings and thoughts in response to the recent surge of Self-Immolations in Tibet (as well as India). It shouldn’t take over 90 sacrifices to instigate global intervention, but instead of pointing fingers I choose to invest in my education and well-being…

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  15. i imagine this is what my pala would have looked like back in a free tibet…



    Existing between the borders of China, India and Nepal lies the Tibetan Cultural Area. This series was taken whilst visiting the area. The project was undertaken with the aim of recording the Tibetan peoples strong national identity, to introduce it to a wider audience and ultimately to preserve it for the next generation. In order to complete this work I stayed in Tibet for over 500 days. Ninety-eight of those photographs have been collected into the book “Portrait of Tibet”. This series won the 35th Taiyo-award.


    Save the nomads.

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