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    Chambaland - “The Umbrella We Share” (Rihanna vs. Chvrches)

  2. quelqu’un m’a dit | carla bruni

    si belle.

  3. karen o. so gorgeous.


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    Submission by Another Angry Tibetan Girl:
    Hello Angry Tibetan Girl,

    This message is in regards to your recent post on the travesty that was the recent Dorje Shugden/Dalai Lama incident. I’d like to point out that I am not a particularly religious person to begin with (that’s a…

    well said angrytibetangirl.

  5. holy awesome. 

  6. papaoutai | stromae

    stromae, il est trop talentueux. un vrai artiste!

  7. if i could change your mind | haim

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  9. So…The Tibetan Women’s Football team is just Killing it


    Tibetan Girls REPRESENT! 

    Congrats to the Tibetan Womens Football team! 

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  11. i found a reason | cat power


  12. angrytibetangirl:

    yo, I’m kind of tired of people, especially “leaders” in our community always making sexist comments on how tibetan women should or shouldn’t look. That’s policing!

    Stop trying to police women’s bodies and how some of us express ourselves. I’m especially done with certain men “leaders” making…

    Hells yes. Needs to end now. Polluting the minds of our young strong, beautiful girls.

  13. Cho chweet

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    Porn at its best

    i could stare at this all day…

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  15. :D